SharePoint Tip of the day – Reorder fields within your list instance

During your application lifecycle management, you’ll probably have to add new fields or update your content types based on new requirements / needs.
Re-ordering fields within list instances consuming these content types can be handy to give the professional finish touch to your upgrade scenario.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy once you know how to do it ! Just grap the FieldLinks property on the content type of the list and call the re-order method on it. Don’t forget to update your list afterward !

                SPContentType bannerContentType = rootWeb.Lists[Configuration.Lists.Banners].ContentTypes[ContentTypes.Banner];                SPFieldLinkCollection fieldLinkCollection = bannerContentType.FieldLinks;                fieldLinkCollection.Reorder(new[]{                                                    Fields.Title, Fields.BannerKeyword,                                                     Fields.Language,Fields.Taxonomy, Fields.TargetChannels,                                                     Fields.BannerType, Fields.BannerImage, Fields.BannerAlternateText,                                                    Fields.BannerTargetUrl, Fields.BannerUrlTarget,                                                     Fields.BannerBody, Fields.BannerBodyPosition,                                                    Fields.PublicationStartDate, Fields.PublicationEndDate});                bannerContentType.Update();