SharePoint Tip of the day – Unable to add users from your active directory ?

If you’re stuck with local accounts when you want to add new users to your SharePoint site, just make sure that the application account that you used for the specific web application has read access on the AD.
In a single server environment I was using a dedicated local account for the application pools, switching to a domain account solved the issue since the application pool account is the one that is use to query the Active Directory.

A small tip, but a huge relief !

SharePoint tip of the day – beware of the default 255 characters limit on your note field

If you want to store more than 255 characters in your note field (it’s filled quite fast, it’s slightly bigger than 1 sms message…) ensure that you add the UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary=”TRUE” in your field definition otherwise you’ll be stuck when a user wants to enter more than 255 characters in the field (whether it is manually or programmatically)

Regular note field :
<Field Type="Note" DisplayName="FVE_A" Required="FALSE" NumLines="10" RichText="FALSE" Sortable="FALSE" Group="Custom Columns" ID="{9b4f21da-1777-49b9-9fee-12c06be43f78}" SourceID="{b1665635-4378-4ac1-947e-dd6592bb1cd1}" StaticName="FVE_A" Name="FVE_A"></Field>

Unlimited note field (max allowed by nvarchar in SQL)

<Field Type="Note" DisplayName="FVE_B" Required="FALSE" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="TRUE" NumLines="6" RichText="FALSE" Sortable="FALSE" Group="Custom Columns"

ID="{c80e9e77-3e06-4404-81d1-af07c6210bad}" SourceID="{b1665635-4378-4ac1-947e-dd6592bb1cd1}" StaticName="FVE_B" Name="FVE_B"></Field>