SharePoint 2010 Tip of the day : Display your movies in an overlayer using the out of the box SilverLight media player.

Thanks to useful help of  Jomit, I managed to add an overlayer for the video.

Here’s what I did :

First : ensure that you have a reference the mediaplayer.js in your master page (if you want to reuse it in more than one page layout / page)

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/_layouts/mediaplayer.js”></script>

(and don’t forget to end your script tag with a </script>, I spent several hours trying to understand why a <script … /> was not loading …

Second : once the  dom is loaded / ready (this is required otherwise the getElementById will return null and end the attachToMediaLinks function) trigger this : 

mediaPlayer.attachToMediaLinks((document.getElementById(‘overlay_movies’)),[‘wmv’, ‘avi’]);


‘overlay_movies’ is the temporary div that I gave while testing, in my rendering I have something like :


<div id=”overlay_movies”>
        a sample movie<br/>



There comes a nice overlay player when you click on a media (with one of the extensions specified as parameter) in that div.

XSLT Tip of the day : Only select the first x node(s) when calling a template

Quite easy, just add this in your xpath expression : [position() &lt; x] !

eg : to manage only the first 10 items from a RSS feed :

<xsl:apply-templates select=”//item[position() &lt;11]> 

<xsl:sort select=”title” />