SharePoint Tip of the Day – Easily allow your contributors to see what an end user will see

A common requirement in all SharePoint projects that I’ve be working on is to see what an end-user / visitor will see. The publishing console have the option “preview in another window” but you need to have the console activated / displayed and it’s not always obvious for someone who doesn’t know where to look for such an option. Fortunately, it’s really easy to add a simple link in your page layout (or master page in any “toolbox area”), just use the current page url and append
?PagePreview=true, a target=_blank will finish the job to keep the current page being edited opened !

And if you want to add this to a site action button, you can simply reuse this snippet that I just did

      GroupId = “SiteActions”
      Title=”Preview page in a new window”
        <UrlAction Url=” + ‘?PagePreview=true’), ‘Preview’, ”);” />

Hope it helped !



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