SharePoint 2010 Tip of the day – New Profile Picture Storage (and retrieval) mechanism


Unlike the 2007 edition where the picture was stored on each user "my site", they are now hosted in a central library "User Photos" under your mysite url

So in order to access this repository, just point your browser to :
http://sharepoint2010/my/User%20Photos/Forms/AllItems.aspx (adapting the computer name / domain to your needs obviously)

Like all pictures libraries, uploaded images are resized in 3 dimensions (large, medium, small) and you can access a specific picture by using the url above with something like

"http://sharepoint2010/my/User%20Photos/{0}_{1}_{2}Thumb.jpg"  where {0} is the domain name, {1} is the login name and {2} is the requested size (L, M or S).

Now I need to find a way to retrieve the my site application url (from a sandbox solution, that will be … fun !)


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